yard drainage,french drain

Yard Drainage – Installing French Drains

Its been a rainy April here in Louisiana, we’ve had quite a few calls for french drain installs to help fix the soggy yard situation. Here are a couple jobs we did in the Mandeville & Slidell area.

This one is in Meadowbrook in Mandeville.

20150415_160506 yard drainage,french drain

This is a customer that recently purchased the home not knowing they had some serious back yard drainage issues their house almost had water in it after a recent rain storm. We installed a new patio with drain boxes and ran the french drain around to the front yard. The next week when another down pour came we recieved call saying Thanks. Their street was under water but there house was dry! The patio and french drain did the trick.

Slidell Brookwood
New Patio and Drain

Concrete Work Done By:

Southern Concrete & Construction, LLC


French drain, yard drainage slidell mandeville
Working afterdark to get it done!
Plumbing, Yard drainage slidell, Mandeville,
The flooded streets!

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